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Report an illegal dump trash site on Maui

While it is everyone’s kuleana to keep our island litter-free, illegal dump sites still happen, leaving trash and debris on Maui’s roads and public spaces.  Often, the nature of this litter requires a professional crew to dispose of it safely and properly.

If you come across an illegal dumpsite on Maui, please report it here by filling out the form on this page. MMN staff will do their best to remove the items found along County roads and other public spaces. Due to the many programs and services our staff handles, please understand it may take up to two weeks for these items to be removed.

PLEASE NOTE: MMN staff cannot enter into private property. Please make sure you report a trash site that is on public land before filling out the form below.

All boxes with an * need to be filled out for verification purposes and in case we need more information from you. Please be as specific as possible so the item(s) can be easily located. If you prefer to make your request by phone, call the office at 808-877-2524.

Mahalo for your help in keeping Maui County beautiful!

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