ANNOUNCEMENT: 2018 Art of Trash Selected Pieces


Mahalo for entering the Art of Trash 2018. Mālama Maui Nui, in partnership with Sharing Aloha, is excited to announce the selected pieces for this year’s gallery. Below are the listed pieces which will be exhibited beginning April 6th through April 28th, 2018. If your piece is not listed, please make arrangements for pick up on Sunday, April 1st at 10:00am or Tuesday, April 3rd at 10:00am at 1980 Main Street in Wailuku.

Works not picked up will be recycled. If you are not able to pick up, please send a friend. Let us know at 808-877-2524.


Artist Name Title of Work
Aaron David Torres Daisey
Bene Cambra Sailing a Rainbow Temple
Charles-Antoine Valliieres Tortue
Charles-Antoine Valliieres House Lit
Charles-Antoine Valliieres Frog legs
Charles-Antoine Valliieres Peacocked
Charles-Antoine Valliieres FI$HBONE$
Charles-Antoine Valliieres Poisson d’Avril
Charles-Antoine Valliieres Come to Llama?
Charles-Antoine Valliieres SEAHORSEA
Charles-Antoine Valliieres Poubelle Baleine
Chris Mithen Formulating a Dream
Cristina Pineda Lost & Found
Deybra Fair Love Bomb
Diana Drake Looking Glass
Diana Drake Kiss Kiss
Don Smith Dragon Lamp
Donna Hartman A Shore Thing
Elizabeth Keller Bottle Cap Lei 5
Gary Ogawa Salem Cigarette Parasol
J Liberty Butterfly Baur Candace “Cannie” Canderson
J Liberty Butterfly Baur “Hefty” Purse Set
Jacqueline Kelley Lost Soles
James Hestand Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow
Jazmyne Geis This Beauty Lasts Forever
Jefferson Stillwell Ichy-Goo Park
Jennifer Throne Hoot Hoot Don’t Pollute
John Wilson Kritr
Matt Holton American Pie
Megan Koeberle Don’t Get Stung – Jellyfish
Megan Koeberle Mahi Mahi, Plastic Plastic-You Are What You Eat
Megan Koeberle Bouquet of Light
Megan Koeberle Light of Change
Megan Koeberle Smug Cat
Megan Koeberle Out of this World
Megan Koeberle Stop and Smell the Flowers
Megan Koeberle Rose Are Red
Melissa Bruck Cosmic Microscope
Melissa Bruck Magic Manala
Melissa Bruck Big C
Melissa Bruck 5 Alive
Melissa Bruck Eye Heart U
Melissa Bruck Next Level
Melody Koerber Ali’I of he Sea
Miss Pickles Smoking Jacket
Monique Rietcheck Cruisin with Aloha
Monique Rietcheck Lights, Camera, Flowers
Monique Rietcheck The Key to Life
Peter Menningen Random Media Drops on Tyvek
Rebecca Lewis Sparky
Robert Sargenti Cronic Tronic
Roberta Ann Weisenburg VHS Flapper Dress
Robin MacCutcheon Fruit Bowl
Robin MacCutcheon Basket
Robin MacCutcheon Pot
Rusty Udarbe Garden of Plastic
Ruthie Dearborn Baba Booger Buoy
Scott Fair Ross Winans II
Smith Delicious
Stephanie Clifton Messenger of Peace
Stevie Puchek Maui Fun Times
Tim Gunter Little Sinker
Tim Gunter Rosie 2 yrs Before Jetson’s TV Contract
Tim Gunter 10,000 Leagues
Tim Gunter Uber Coming for to Carry Me Home
Tim Gunter Tropical Red-Breasted Coffee Sipper
Tim Gunter Light Aircraft
Tim Gunter Abducted
Tim Gunter Care if You Honk
Tim Gunter Sole Music
Tim Gunter There is Not Supposed to be 5 Aces
Tim Gunter Clear the Way
Tim Gunter Big Annie
Tim Gunter Camelot
Vern Clayton The Protector
Vern Clayton Maui Honu
Victor Pellegrino Heart Doors
Victor Pellegrino Clock Watch
Worm Ma-chani-ko


A reminder for all artists and guests, the gallery will be opening for public viewing at 6pm on Friday, April 6th, following the annual “Maui Trashion Show” event to be held during Wailuku First Friday on Market Street. This year’s gallery will remain open 10am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday (closed on Sundays) from April 7th to April 28th, 2018.


The annual Art of Trash show is made possible with support from the Maui County Dept. of Environmental Management.




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