Household Batteries Recycling Program and the Paint Exchange Close June 30

Last week, we announced that the Household Batteries Recycling program and the Paint Exchange will close June 30 due to a lack of funds. Our collection sites across Maui County will continue to collect batteries and we will continue to host the pick-up and drop-off of usable water-based, acrylic, or latex paint at our baseyard through the end of business day June 30.

We remain extremely proud of what the Household Batteries recycling program and the Paint Exchange have accomplished. These two programs have allowed us to collaborate with neighboring businesses, community members, and our local government to carry out end-of-life best management practices for common household waste for many years.

Malama Maui Nui Paint Exchange participant picks up paint Feb 2016

Participant grabs free paint from the Paint Exchange to create dream boards with the youth of Made in Hope.

MMN’s programs have recycled over 20 tons of batteries and redistributed over 13,000 gallons of usable paint, diverting that much waste from ending up in Maui County landfills.

Instead, those materials were given a second life: for the batteries, in the form of recycled plastic, rebar, fertilizers, and other useful products; and for the paint, as the key ingredient in countless Do-It-Yourself projects such as creating set backdrops for school plays, waterproofing outdoor sheds, renovating children’s bedrooms, even making dream boards for self-expression and inspiration.

Having convenient recycling and repurposing programs in place decreases the chances that household waste will be disposed of improperly. This decrease in improper disposal minimizes the potential for harmful chemicals to seep into the natural environment where they could pollute ground water or otherwise threaten animal and plant life.

When it comes to sustainable waste management, these kinds of programs are successful when the community demonstrates their value through their actions: by volunteering their time to assist with program facilitation, donating to the programs, and encouraging everyone involved to participate, including their local representatives.

Community partners have been instrumental in keeping these programs running for many years, particularly the County of Maui and the many collection sites that accepted batteries from residents.

We would like to extend a huge Mahalo to:

• Central Maui Landfill
• Marmac Kahului
• Longs Kahului
• HouseMart Ben Franklin
• Lowe’s
• Aloha Recycling
• Maui Recycling
• Kahului Recycling Center, UHMC
• Marmac Maui Lani

• Maui Disposal Redemption & Recycle Center, Wailuku
• Longs Maui Lani
• HouseMart Ace Kihei
• Kihei Recycling Center
• Longs Kihei
• Longs Lahaina
• HouseMart Ace Lahaina
• Napili Market
• Makawao Recycling Center

• HouseMart Ace Pukalani
• Maui Disposal Redemption Center, Pukalani
• Longs Pukalani
• Haiku Hardware & Garden
• Haiku Recycling Center
• Kula True Value
• Hasegawa’s (Hāna)
• Misaki’s Store (Moloka’i)
• Pine Isle Market (Lāna’i)

Moving forward, we encourage residents to research alternative methods of disposal for these items; suggestions can be found on the respective webpages for the Household Batteries Recycling Program and the Paint Exchange.

Feel free to to share any comments or concerns regarding the closures of these programs with us, as well as with your local and state legislators.

You can also show your support for these and other waste management programs by signing up for our regular 2nd Saturday Program Support Days, where volunteers directly assist important community-based programs in whatever capacity is most needed.

We appreciate your kōkua as we move forward in our efforts to engage the entire people of Maui County in sustainable waste management and conservation practices that support a healthy environment, economy, community, and the unique culture of the Hawaiian Islands.

Ridgecrest Baptist Church group volunteers a day to sort batteries June 2015

A group from Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Mississippi volunteered their time while on Maui in June 2015 to prepare batteries for their recycling journey to the mainland. The group also devoted a day to assisting the Paint Exchange program.