Lā‘ie Wetland Restoration

The Lā‘ie wetland is located on South Kīhei Road, near Līpoa Street next to St. Theresa Church, and is 1.5 acres in size. It has three main parts – the open water, the wetlands, and the sand dunes. This County-owned property is used by fisherman, limu (algae) gatherers, local families, and visitors.

What is a wetland?

Both native and introduced plants and animals are found at the Lā‘ie wetland. The problem with introduced species is that sometimes they can threaten the survival of native species. When native plants or animals become endangered, the balance is lost in the natural community. Each native plant and animal is vital to the well-being of the Lā‘ie wetland. Check out the botanical inventory of Lā‘ie prepared by Forest and Kim Starr in 2010.

Help maintain the balance by volunteering to remove invasive plants and plant natives with family and friends. Learn about the native flora and fauna that depend on Lā‘ie, and the ways in which we do, too!