Offering folks young and old tips on how to care for our beloved ’āina through sustainable behavior change

Mālama Maui Nui’s ultimate goal is to encourage the adoption of sustainable behaviors by all. If everyone acts with the environment in mind, many of our environmental challenges would simply disappear.

To this end, MMN hosts different kinds of educational programs to reach out to everyone: residents and visitors of all ages. While our programs have an educational component by nature (learning by doing!), not everyone volunteers (yet). So we have other ways to share the many factoids and practices people can adopt to better care for our unique ecosystems:

      • Check out the Helpful Links page for resources to assist you in some DIY Sustainable Education.
      • Schedule an educational workshop that focuses on the 3R’s to encourage the reduce, reuse, and proper disposal of materials for your youth organization, school classroom, or community group.
      • Participate in the Art of Trash as an artist or attendee to our annual art exhibition featuring art made exclusively from repurposed materials.
      • Visit our Events Calendar to see the various community events, fairs, and festivals we participate in throughout the year, like the Maui County Fair and Whale Day.
      • Uncovered Truck Law Demonstrations are held periodically in partnership with the Maui Police Department to teach the importance of covering your load when driving on county and state roads to avoid flying debris that is dangerous to others, instantly becomes litter (and most likely marine debris) in due time. Know the law and abide by it to avoid a hefty fine!

Have a question about a specific issue? Check out our FAQs (where you can send us an query of your own if it’s not already answered).

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Uncovered Truck Laws in Maui
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