MMN Field Crew: The Quick Response Team

Litter Removal – Illegal Trash Sites – Cleanup

Malama Maui Nui Field Crew

(L to R): Operations Manager Gabrielle Schuerger; Field Crew staff Stacy Panlasigui and Josh Bajadali

The MMN Field Crew is fondly thought of as the backbone of Mālama Maui Nui
. Not only responsible for administering the County-wide recycling programs for Used Motor Oil, Household Batteries, and usable paint via the Paint Exchange, the Field Crew is also the professional quick response team for the island of Maui.

Made possible by our partnership with the County of Maui, MMN staff survey Maui’s roads and public spaces on a nearly-daily basis to make sure illegal dumpsites do not take over our beautiful home. Staff also regularly travels to Hāna and Moloka’i to assist in the Department of Environmental Management’s remote recycling efforts, as well as eradicate dumpsites.

But we only have so many eyes on the road, which is why we call on the community for help. If you come across an illegal dumpsite on Maui, please report it here by clicking the button below. We will do our best to respond quickly and efficiently to remove the items someone thoughtless and irresponsibly left behind.

Quick Response Field Crew Malama Maui Nui