Whole Foods 5% Day Raised Over $4,300 for MMN

On April 1, 2015, Whole Foods Market Maui hosted a 5% Day for Malama Maui Nui, donating 5% of the day's sales totaling over $4100.
Mahalo to All Go Green Recycle Every Third Saturday Partners FY2016
Oil change Drain container recycle used motor oil maui county
Recycle Household Batteries Maui Blog

What to do with Household Batteries

While many of our electronics now have their own built-in, rechargeable…
Long Live the Landfill recycle to divert, Malama Maui Nui

Long Live the Landfill: Recycle!

In a previous blog post, we covered the wonderful resource that…
Pacific Biodiesel sustainability cycle for used cooking oil

Enviro Tip #27: What To Do with Fats, Cooking Oils, and Grease

This month’s Enviro Tip is inspired by the upcoming holiday…
2015 Recycle Bowl Maui Malama Maui Nui

2015 Recycle Bowl Maui

Recycle Bowl (RB) is the nationwide school recycling competition…
Go Green Recycle Third Saturday Rotary Club Lahaina Sunset Malama Maui Nui

West Maui Recycling Gets a Boost

You may have seen the healthy press coverage for the 'Go Green…
Recycling, Refuse, and Landfill Guide for Maui County

How to Recycle in Maui County

We all know the importance of recycling... ...it keeps unnecessary…
2015 Great American Cleanup Hawaii

Thousands Engaged in 2015 Great American Cleanup

Just released! The wrap report for this year's Great American…